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Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had a different career, or if you were a successful business owner, or maybe if you'd finished a few more years of college?  Karnaxis is a novel board game that allows you the freedom to choose between many careers and business ventures.

Whether you understand economics or not, you can find success and a lot of fun in the innovative economy of Karnaxis. Challenge yourself in single player play, or engage in an interactive game with up to six players. Every game will be a different experience.

"Wow- this game inspires me!  I love it more and more each time I play!  I want all my friends to play it with me! My confidence increases, I gain insights to strategizing, and it has so many applications to real life.  The game is genius."  ~Julie G.

"It's realistic to life. The design catches your eye. I enjoy the challenge because it makes you think."  ~Allen S.