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Players: 1 to 6                Playtime: 20 minutes per player                Ages: 12+

Karnaxis means life ambition and that's what this game is about. Players compete for college, jobs, and businesses in a modern economy while trying to fulfill their life ambition. The player with the most cash at the end wins.


Players choose a character with different talents and a unique life ambition to fulfill. One character's ambition may be to dominate the business world, while another's may be to become a doctor. As Players fulfill their ambition, they receive bonus cash. 


Players get 2 actions for each of the 12 rounds, or game years, to compete for various jobs, businesses, and a college education. Players can also start franchises, play the stock market, invest in retirement, get pay raises, win the lottery, take out loans, or even collect unemployment. 


Each year, random events mix things up; like the stock market crashes or minimum wage increases.  At the end of each year, players pay taxes on their earnings and pay off any outstanding loans they may have.  


With 16 different jobs, 12 different businesses, 18 different characters, and 28 different event cards, Karnaxis has lots of replay ability. The novel economy of Karnaxis will keep you on the edge of your seat every game.