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Rules Updates: Karnaxis (Updated 1/1/2015)

Karnaxis: Family Version

The Family version is for new players, or players who prefer less competition. To enjoy the Family version of Karnaxis, simply play by the rules right out of the box.


Karnaxis: Advanced Version

The Advanced version is for experienced Karnaxis players who want a greater challenge and more competition between players. Apply the following rules to enjoy the Advanced version.

1. Maximum Loan amount is $25,000.

2. Besides Personal Study and Go To Work, all other actions may be used only:

  • once per year for 1-2 players
  • twice per year for 3-4 players
  • thrice per year for 5-6 players

3. For years 1-6, players may buy one extra retirement token when using that action. For years 7-12, an extra $10,000 is added to the unemployment fund each year.

4. Players receive an extra $100,000 at the game end for fulfilling their Karnaxis.

5. When using the Go To Work action, receive bonus cash depending on the job:

  • Column 1 jobs: $10,000
  • Column 2 jobs: $20,000
  • Column 3 jobs: $30,000
  • Column 4 jobs: $40,000
  • High-end jobs:  $50,000

6. Maximum amount invested in stocks per year is $50,000.

7. After updating stocks each year, roll the stock die again and place it on the next year on the year chart. On the following year, take note of whether the die is positive or negative. Roll it twice for each business. On a negative year, apply the lowest value rolled for each business. On a positive year, apply the highest value rolled for each business.


Rule Clarifications:

Stocks: When a stock value reaches $ or 0 with a +2 or -2, the payout/loss occurs only once before returning the stock value to 9 or 1. A stock could reach $ or 0 twice each year; once from an event card and once from the stock die. A payout/loss occurs once for each occurrence.

Businesses and Franchises: A business can be franchised multiple times, but only once by each player. The franchiser receives 5 shares in the business owner's stock. Only the franchiser receives these shares and only at the time they franchise. Franchises are considered a business in all respects and merge with existing businesses when started. They affect overall business level. Businesses and Franchises can't be sold. The maximum business growth is 60. The maximum business income is $400,000.

Fulfilling Your Karnaxis: Karnaxis conditions can be met in different years. (ex. If your Karnaxis is to get 5 different jobs, you don't have to get 5 jobs in one year.)

Jobs: Players can have two jobs during a year by performing both the Job Search and Go To Work actions. Keep in mind that using the Go To Work action allows you to keep only one job.

Event Cards: All event card actions/options must be used during the Read New Event Card step, unless otherwise directed.

Karnaxis Cards: Players can save, use, or sell their Karnaxis cards at any time for cash only. These cards are the only thing that can be "sold" between players. Cards that use the word "immediately" can still be saved or sold. Once used, they can't be sold.

Loans: Players can take a loan at any time for any reason. Loans can be paid off anytime, but must be paid on years 4, 8, and 12. Players can't borrow money from other players.

Actions: The Collect Unemployment action can only be used once per year regardless of the number of players.


Rule Updates:

Julie's Karnaxis should now read: Start 4 businesses or franchises (6 with three or more players) with at least 1 from each business level.

Josh's Karnaxis should now read: Own 130 shares.

Josh can re-roll the stock die for a business if he owns 50% or more of the shares in that business.

Use only 3 franchise cards in a 1-2 player game, 6 franchise cards in a 3-4 player game, and 9 franchise cards in a 5-6 player game.


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